TNC 5: The Naughty Chef on Albion Street

Station on the remote, a situation to sweeten the throat. Outside on the call for the line of women next door and the heat presses gently on with the walk down Elizabeth and into The Naughty Chef on Albion Street. Diversion from the traffic to feast on the Vietnamese lunch rush cuisine.

For the quick catch to the early ease into the latter half of the day, a choice moves from rice and/or soup and onto noodles in a bowl. Wait times are short, a sit down and practically up again for the serving.

Specifically that of Seafood spring rolls, noodles and salad. Punch in the munchies of taste with the crunchy seafood spring rolls certainly holding all their own and more so.

Noodles are set in with some invisible sauce that slithers right on through, sucking not enough to savour. Peanuts and what may be fried octopus dance on top only to find themselves dashing in with the fray.

Seafood spring rolls noodles and salad

Left hands on the chopsticks all the way, and it's start to finish with a tight squeeze on a table for two sitting three. All done and the place is quiet again. No lunch time crowd, no crowd at all after 14:30 and that's the week to a close out on site.

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Saturday, 9 December 2006

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